Anti-HA(Clade 1 Influenza A Viruses)

Product Name: Anti-HA(Clade 1 Influenza A Viruses)
Source: Mouse monoclonal antibody, clone 15B7
Formulation: Each vial contains 100 µg purified IgG in 100 µl PBS with 40% glycerol
Product Type:
Immunogen: Sequential immunizations using recombinant HA1(H1N1) (A/Brisbane/59/2007) protein (a.a.18-343) (Genebank No. ACA28846), and HA1(A/California/06/2009(H1N1)) protein (a.a. 18-344)(Genebank accession ACP41935)
Applications: WB, ELISA, IP, IF etc.
Specificity: Recognize a common epitope outside of the head region of the HAs from Clade 1 influenza viruses. Minimal cross-reactivity to other subtypes.